Mobile Stables Gallery

A robust timber building fixed down onto a framework of timber or steel that can be towed along.

Mobile stables are a practical alternative to the fixed stable block in many circumstances. They can be supplied with either WOODEN or METAL skids. Below are many examples of mobile stables we have constructed, in a range of environments.

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Mobile units can be the immediate answer to animal shelter or storage.

Some of the benefits of a mobile stable are:

  • Avoiding lengthy planning permission delays.
  • Requiring little or no ground/base preparation.
  • Towable into a new position or different paddock as and when required.
  • Good range of sizes available that are easily moved by 4 x 4.
  • Instantly increase the size of your yard.

Consider metal skids for regular movement or over distances of uneven ground. Timber skids for economy or more permanent siting, whilst still meeting planning requirements. Both versions with Metal or Timber skids are extremly versatile and can be adapted to fulfill your exact requirement.

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