Vicki Thompson: Current dressage competition profile

Vicki trains and competes on a number of horses at various levels. Here is a brief summary of some of the top horses currently being worked at Oldencraig Equestrian Centre.

An 8 year old Dutch breed mare, owned by world renowned Q.C. Michael Todd. Tristel has done Prix St George and Intermediar 1. She is being prepared for Grand Prix this winter. Her Grandsire was named Clavercimble, one of the youngest Grand Prix horses ever in the formidable Dutch National Team.

The grandson of world famous stallion Olympic Ferro, this 7 year old Dutch stallion is currently training advanced medium level. Joitly owned by Micheal Todd and Oldencraig, plans are in place for him to compete at small tour ie Prix St George and Intermediar 1 next season.

A 12 year old westfalion gelding at 16.3H is potentially the jewel in the crown amongst the Oldencraig elite. He is preparing for international Grand Prix next year. Owned by Vicki Thompson, he is an extremely talented prospect.

A 5 year old, son of Belissimo, a famous German stallion, is owned by England football captain John and Toni Terry. This phenomenal horse is currently unbeaten in young horse class, on several occasions scoring 10. There are high hopes for world championship for young horses in Germany this year as this could be one of those once in a lifetime horses.

Vicky Thompson

A typical day for Vicky at Oldencraig could consist of the following:

5 year old Beltoni is met after breakfast ready for a training session. 10-20 minutes lunging to loosen him up is followed by 45 minutes riding and training in the school. A 20 minute cool down, walk or hack finishes the session.

Vicky will now offer tuition to up to 3 individual clinets riding their own horses.

11-12 noon
An already warmed up Tristel may now be ridden for training purposes.

Timeless (depending on how well the morning timetable worked out) is now schooled for nearly an hour.


Afternoon activities can vary depending on current demands or needs.

Papillon will be trained for 1 hour, which is fine tuning for upper level movements in preparation for Grand Prix.

A further 3 more horses have to be trained for clients on a daily basis, these average 45 minutes each and may be ridden by suitable members of the Oldencraig team. Any horses being ridden by others have to be monitored by Vicky and she will be on hand to help, assist, advise and correct.

Typically this activity part of the day finishes in the kitchen to prepare dinner whilst continuing to take and make phone calls alongside Ian (Vicky’s husband). The next day’s schedule is confirmed, inbetween clients’ phone calls and the necessary paperwork of the day. By 9pm Vicky and Ian hope to relax. Typically this summary could be 6 days a week, sometimes 7!

Vicky Thompson

 Oldencraig Equestrian Centre

If you are serious about getting better results or getting more out of your riding by way of improvement, consider what Oldencraig has to offer, working under the umbrella, whatever your level, of an Olympian and international rider and trainer of many years’ experience. Vicky is able to offer numerous effective training tips and maximise communication with your horse to help you achieve your goals.

“I learned more in one lesson at Oldencraig than in the last five years riding”.

Contact Vicky at Oldencraig Equestrian Centre.

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